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  • Bald Cypress
    The freshest, softest, brightest green foliage that we have seen in a bald cypress gives this tree and inviting appearance and the appeal of a...
  • Bald Cypress
    A deciduous conifer which has proven to be widely adaptable to city conditions, it will grow in standing water or in well drained soils.
  • Beech, Tricolor European
    Striking foliage is purple with irregular creamy pink and rose-colored margins. A stunning specimen tree with an overall pink effect that will be a wonderful...
  • Birch, River
    A more heat and drought tolerant form of this species, with superior insect and disease resistance. Densely pyramidal form with glossy green leaves that fade...
  • Cherry, Double Weeping Flowering
    Large magenta buds along the graceful weeping boughs open to double pink flowers. New bronze leaves appear after blooms and mature to green. Plant as...
  • Cherry, Kwanzan
    A small upright growing tree producing an abundance of double rose-pink flower clusters in early spring. The new foliage is copper-red maturing to green. Fall...
  • Cherry, Weeping Higan
    A double pink bloom on this spring floral display makes this one of the best weeping trees. A somewhat contorted weeping form attaining a mature...
  • Chokecherry, Canada Red
    Red leaf variety of native American Chokecherry, that has a vigorous, uniform growth habit and red fruits, in midsummer. Extremely hardy, maturing to 20-25 feet...
  • Crabapple, Prairifire
    A Crabapple from the University of Illinois that appears to be immune to the usual diseases. Flower buds are red, opening to dark pinkish red....
  • Crabapple, Sugar Tyme
    A magnificent show each spring when lovely pale pink buds open to fragrant sugar white blooms. Blooms are followed by red fruits from fall into...
  • Dogwood, Pink Flowering
    Good pink bracts. New growth flushing with a reddish cast.  Small red fruits adds to fall interest.  Best used in shaded location.  Avoid full sun. 
  • Lilac, Ivory Silk
    A most attractive small flowering tree with cherry-like bark, it bears large creamy white flower clusters in early July. It will perform best in full...
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