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  • Arborvitae, Emerald Green
    A narrow, pyramidal evergreen with dense, emerald green foliage that holds its color throughout winter. Thrives in the heat and humidity of the south, and...
  • Arborvitae, Fire Chief
    A nearly perfectly globe-shaped shrub with fine, bright golden spring foliage and fantastic deep red fall color. This sport of the popular Rheingold has deeper...
  • Arborvitae, Green Giant
    One of the finest evergreens for use as screening or a windbreak, this upright conifer is versatile, strong-rooted and virtually disease-free. Its uniform shape seldom...
  • Arborvitae, Mr. Bowling Ball
    A unique, compact, perfectly global arborvitae with dense, fine-textured, soft, sage-green foliage resembling a fine-textured juniper or false cypress. Requires little or no shearing. Mature...
  • Azalea, Dwarf Korean
    Early midseason bloomer. Very hardy, compact, slow growing, low & spreading. Large clear orchid flowers with a darker blotch bloom in May. Orange-yellow fall foliage color. Plant...
  • Azalea, Girard's Karen
    An unusually hardy and highly reliable evergreen shrub with rich lavender-purple hose-in-hose flowers on a vigorous upright plant. Foliage turns a brilliant burgundy in the...
  • Azalea, Stewartstonian
    Early midseason bloomer. Very hardy, compact, slow growing, low & spreading. Large bright red flowers in May. Wine-red fall & winter foliage color. Plant in part shade.
  • Bald Cypress
    The freshest, softest, brightest green foliage that we have seen in a bald cypress gives this tree and inviting appearance and the appeal of a...
  • Bald Cypress
    A deciduous conifer which has proven to be widely adaptable to city conditions, it will grow in standing water or in well drained soils.
  • Barberry, Admiration
    A showstopper with a blaze of orange-red foliage with yellow margins. Holds color well through summer. This dwarf has a broad, upright growth habit reaching...
  • Barberry, Bonanza Gold
    A dwarf golden pygmy barberry that commands special attention in the landscape due to its outstanding bright gold foliage. A low maintenace plant, it forms...
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